Changing economic conditions and an opportunity to increase competitiveness made 7 producers and 1 distributor set up the Podlachia Lingerie Cluster in spring 2008.

Using the Cluster, the companies want to support their region with promotions, boost the industry competitiveness, and jointly represent Podlachia on international markets as a strong group of producers.

In order for the Cluster to be established, a sufficient number of companies from our region had to enter into an agreement. These are really mature organizations for which competing with one another does not exclude cooperation.

The companies belonging to the Cluster are: Ava, Axami, Gaia, Gorteks, Kinga, Kontri, Kostar, and Mat - the leading and most experienced lingerie producers in Poland. Another business partner is Gracya.

In total, 3 million lingerie items are produced annually, 40% being exported. 

The Cluster companies sell their products to all the major wholesalers in Poland. They employ their own designers who work in specialized studios. The most modern technologies and world-class materials are used for the production.

The Podlachia Lingerie Cluster will obviously derive some business models and experiences from the other Polish and foreign clusters, striving – at the same time – after its own structures and methodologies shaped by the industry structure and specificity.

Within the Cluster, each company will keep up working on its previous lines, but maybe a new collection of lingerie will be created as well.
In Bialystok – a city with rich textile traditions - the lingerie industry has developed over approximately 40 years. As of today, Podlachia boasts 20 companies offering a wide range of lingerie.

In the nearest future, the firms affiliated within the Podlachia Lingerie Cluster are going to carry out several joint projects in regard to, e.g. creating a new, shared brand; effective lingerie market research through cooperation with regional colleges & universities; development of new production initiatives. It is definitely worth mentioning that we are the first lingerie cluster in Poland


Association - Podlachia Lingerie Cluster


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